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"Griffin" - Am. Ch. RainSongs Ramble On (sire of Rainsongs American Express at Jumpstart "Cash")

I have owned both Manchester and American Staffordshire Terriers.  I had Am Staffs first, but wanted a smaller breed with a similar temperament.  After years of research into the "right smaller breed", I decided on Standard Manchester Terriers.    Like Am Staffs, they are very good with children, and other animals, and are very easy to train.   I have found some differences though....Manchesters make better "watch dogs", and they seem to bond more to their owners.  Am Staffs love everyone who comes along, as a rule, and would go to a new owner with a lot less stress than a Manchester would.  For this reason, I make an extra effort to place puppies in the right home , as they have more difficulty adjusting at first if they have to be moved to a new home.   I am not saying that they never adjust..they do...there are wonderful rescue Manchesters out there in new homes and my own Weegee came to me at 9 months of age and went through an adjustment phase too.    But she is the most outgoing and wonderful dog now.  It just takes them a few weeks or so, in general to fit in to a new home when they are coming in as an older dog.  I have talked to a few new owners of older pups or dogs, and many panic because the dog may be nervous and unsettled for a bit, but talking to them after a few weeks finds them fitting in just fine.   Just something to keep in mind when acquiring an older pup or adult.  They do make wonderful additions to your family, Weegee is my best friend!

Another thing to note...when you have a Manchester, you must put up with the constant questions like " Is that a miniature doberman, or a min pin?, etc.."  There is no escaping these questions.  I carry along breed information pamphlets to hand out to people when they ask, just as I do with the Am Staffs...I get questions with them too, but it's usually "Is that a "pit bull"?", so I have to carry along my pamphlets explaining the difference too, people seem to believe it easier when its on paper!   Needless to say, one of my common phrases has become "No, it's not, read this, it will explain".


AM/CAN CH Ambricks Little Black Magic TT/CGC

Owner/Handler: Lisa Wysminity
Multiple group winner/placer, #2 SMT in Canada 1997-1998, #3 SMT 1999, #4 SMT 2000
February 19, 1996 - September 2013


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