This is a little about me and how Jumpstart came to be...

The Past.....

The 1970's

My start in dogs was in Junior Handling, when I was about 9 years old, I had a love of German Shepherds and Trialed my first dog to Utility level obedience, we also did scent hurdle racing, which was a big sport at that time (1970's) before flyball existed, and dabbled a bit in Schutzhund as well. I grew up in Saskatchewan and found the dog show world friendly and helpful as a junior.

I began apprenticing obedience classes in my early teens and soon started teaching on my own. I have instructed conformation, obedience, and Junior Handling Classes. My favorite way of training is with a clicker!

I did very well in Junior handling as a young girl...

and was soon bitten by the show bug.(yes I showed many different breeds....trying to get a feel for what I wanted for myself ).

Although I loved German Shepherds, I loved the working lines...which do not do well in the conformation I sought out to find "my " breed.

Looking through a Dogs in Canada Annual back in the mid 80's I came accross the Amstaff ads, and immediately fell in love. Soon I was a new owner of my first Amstaff, Jessie, from Cathy Prothro (Barberycoast) , and I haven't looked back since. Cathy is a worldwide authority on the breed and has taught me so much.

After moving to Alberta, I decided to get into a smaller breed as well and found the Manchester Terrier. My foundation bitch , Weegee came from Marla Brick in Nebraska... Marla is one of my mentors in the breed and has given me a true love for Manchesters. Danielle Green of California (Rainsong Manchesters) has now also become a big part of my Manchester world. She has entrusted me with co-ownership in a few very nice dogs.

Jumpstart came about in the 1980's. The first Jumpstart bred dogs were Amstaffs but soon evolved into Manchester Terriers as well in the 1990's.