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Am Staffs are a wonderful breed of dog to own!  They are gentle and loving and very attentive.   They are the BEST with children!  Their positive virtues are too many to putinto words..you need to be "owned" by one to see what I mean!

The only negative side, that I can see, of owning an Am Staff right now is all the hype and bad publicity that they receive from the media and the general public.  Am Staffs have been thrown into the "dangerous dog" category by a number of sources, along with other breeds such as Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Chow Chows, etc.................. The only way to combat this is to educate , educate , educate...I carry pamphets about the breed with me wherever I go and hand them out to people who speculate about what our breed is and what they are like.

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We need to fight breed specific laws and dangerous dog laws !

The only dangerous dogs out there are ones that are raised to be dangerous, by neglect or abuse or ignorance.  These other breeds, as well as the AmStaff make wonderful and very trustworthy pets, but because of their looks, they have been targeted by a lot of people that have placed a "macho" image on owning one of them.  These people are ruining the public image of the breed.  I have to say that in all the years I have trained dogs and instructed classes, I have been bitten by little "cute" dogs that get away with aggressive behavior because of their small size. I have NEVER been bitten by an Amstaff!

Ch. Jumpstart Jackflash Topstaff TT,CGC "Corky"

Am Staffs were never bred to be aggressive against people, like some of the larger guard dog breeds, so they are in no way inheritantly aggressive.  Way, way back they were bred for animal aggression, but that "gameness" has been bred out over time.  You will see a lot of ads for working Pit Bulls that specify "No Am Staff Blood"..that is because we have succeeded in breeding the high aggression drive out of our breed.

Am Staffs can , and do live in harmony with other dogs, cats, birds, even rodents..I have living proof, as do most of us.  Yes, there are exceptions to the norm, just as there is with any other breed, each dog has its own personality, just like we do!


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